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We offer home bleaching with supervision. The patient is seen for an evaluation, at no charge, to determine if he/she is a candidate for bleaching. If there are crowns, veneers or multiple restorations in the front teeth the patient is made aware that they will not lighten. If the patient is a good candidate and decides to bleach, an impression is taken of the teeth and a bleach tray is then custom-made. (Most patients will have both upper and lower teeth bleached, but some will opt to have only the upper teeth done.) On the next visit, the patient is given the bleach tray(s), bleaching material and a demonstration of how to use it. The beginning shade of the patient's teeth is determined at this time so that comparisons can be made as the teeth become whiter. While some offices only give patients a standard kit for the entire bleaching process, at New Country Dental Group our fee includes as much bleaching material as needed to achieve optimal results. In most cases, the whitening process takes 2-4 weeks. The patient is monitored weekly during the entire process to make sure everything is progressing optimally.








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